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Toybox is a couch co-op twin stick shooter in which players engage in color-coded combat, using bouncing bullets and upgrade-able special abilities to complete levels. Utilizing a variety of functional environment pieces, players defeat enemies and solve puzzles across multiple game modes. Players earn upgrades to enhance either mobility or combat effectiveness, and equip different skins to add flair to their character. Toybox evokes a familiar, nostalgic atmosphere which brings out the child in every player. The friendly art, divergent play styles, and enticing replayability combine to make Toybox a unique experience for local cooperative gamers.


  • 2 Player Local Cooperative Multiplayer
  • 5 Game Modes
  • 15 Levels
  • Character Customization


  • 2 Xbox 360 or Xbox One Controllers

Team Members:

  • Ethan Loewald: Lead Designer
  • Matthew Rhine: Level Designer
  • Michael Walker: Systems Designer / Producer
  • Colton Orr: Lead 3D Artist
  • Bryce McDonald: Lead VFX Artist / Lead Animator
  • Rachelle Bish: 3D Artist
  • Charlie McGarey: Lead Programmer
  • Aaron Millet: Programmer

StatusOn hold
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorFree The Mind
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, Twin Stick Shooter, Unreal Engine
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2


Toybox.zip 663 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip the file, plug in your two controllers,  and launch the PuzzleShooter .exe! We hope you enjoy your time playing Toybox!

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